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Why should I get my old vintage light restored or repaired?

Updated: Apr 23

If you have an old vintage lamp or antique light, you should consider getting it repaired and restored. Old lamps may still work but they could have some hidden issues which could be dangerous.

There are lots of reasons why you should consider repairing and restoring your old vintage and antique lamps. Repairing old lamps is a great way to preserve the original character of old light fittings and it's good for the planet too.

Here are six good reasons why you should get your old lamps fixed, instead do buying new:

1. Old wiring can be dangerous

Overtime the insulation on wiring can breakdown, degrade and become brittle which could potentially cause the inner copper wires to become exposed which could lead to an electrical shock hazard or even cause a fire!

vintage antique lighting repairs restoration in Derby England

2. Old components & electrical parts in old lamps may not be up to modern electrical standards

3. Old bulb holders might not work with modern LED bulbs

4. Less waste going to landfill

5. Maintain original character & charm

6. Good for your pocket

How can Stage Left Lux help with fixing and restoring old lamps?

At Stage Left Lux, we can expertly repair and restore most of types of vintage and antique light fittings.

We offer a restoration service for almost any style of light including modern, vintage and antique floor standing lamps, wall lights, table lamps and chandeliers.

We're happy to discuss your needs for your lamp and adapt and change it as you need to bring or keep the traditional character and charm by carrying out sympathetic repairs by replacing old parts which are similar in style to the originals, making sure it is safely rewired but looks the same as it always has.

Stage Left Lux work from our Derby-based workshop, if you're near Derby you can arrange to bring your lamps to us for repair or if you're a bit further away we are happy to accept broken lamps by post, we can then repair them and send them back to you.

Derby lighting reapairs

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