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Johnnie Walker Whiskey 
bespoke upcycled bottle lamp

If you’re looking for something to do with your old household objects speak to Stage Left Lux to see how we can help.

We can transform most household objects into incredible lights for your home, we can upcycle your old unwanted items into bespoke feature lamps, giving them a new useful purpose.

The brief for this bespoke feature light


We were asked if we could do something special with this Johnnie Walker Whiskey bottle, to turn it into a unique feature light for our customer, Richard to use on his desk. The bottle had sentimental value attached to it, so the main focus was to keep the bottle in original condition and cause no damage to it whilst converting it into a lamp. 

Richard wanted to have the bulb concealed inside the bottle if possible. 

How did we do it?

The brief was to cause no damage to the bottle whilst upcycling it into a lamp. The customer, wanted to the bulb to be inside the bottle, allowing light to shine through the beautiful turquoise blues coloured glass. 


We have put bulbs inside bottles before either by suspending the bottle from a copper pipe frame or by drilling a hole in the base of the bottle. However we were unable to suspend the bottle as it was a cork rather than a screw-top meaning overtime the bottle would slip off the cork, and we were unable to drill the bottle as we had been instructed to cause no damage to the bottle whilst making this lamp. 


We needed to  fit the bulb holder to the cork enabling the bulb to be inside the neck of the bottle and somehow safely run the cable from the power supply to the top of the bottle whilst keeping things neat and tidy with no ugly cables being viable.


To over-come this, we created a wooden base and top supported by copper columns. This allowed the power supply to entre the wooden base and the power supply to travel up through the copper columns and be safely concealed out of sight. 


We used thin braided cable which neatly jumps out of the wooden top and re-enters through the cork to the bulb holder. 


The wooden base and top were given a blue washed finish to show off the grain of the timber and compliment the colour of the glass bottle. 


The overall result was this beautiful industrial steampunk effect table lamp which our customer is over the moon with and has placed pride of place in his home office!

johnnie walker whiskey bottle upcycled lamp
Johnnie Walker Whiskey bottle upcycled lamp

Stage Left Lux are an independent creative lighting business based in Derbyshire.

To see more of what we do, take a look at our in stock and ready to purchase lamps, in our on-line lighting shop. All of our lamps are handmade by us in our workshop in Derby.

If you are looking for something totally unique, get in touch to see how we can transform your old objects into beautiful feature lights to add some charm and excitement to your home.  

Stage Left Lux can design and build most types of light fittings, include table lamps, wall lights and feature ceiling lighting.

Get in touch! 

If you’re looking for something totally unique to light-up your home, get in touch to discuss your requirements:

Contact Scott on 07743 641 425 email:

Stage Left Lux are based at Banks Mill Studios, situated a few minutes outside of Derby City Centre, in easy reach of the surrounding areas of Derbyshire, Nottingham, Leicester, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire and Warwickshire. 

Get in touch to book an appointment to visit our workshop to discuss ideas for your bespoke lighting, see how our lamps are made and view a range of our unique feature lamps. 

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