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Upcycled Lighting Conversion Service by
Stage Left Lux

One of our huge passions is to transform everyday redundant household objects into wonderfully quirky feature lights which will add something unique and special to enhance your home.


We can upcycle almost any household object into a bespoke feature lamp. 

It could be a sentimental item like your grandma's sewing machine, or your first landline phone, or maybe even the cricket bat you used to win tournament! 

If you don't use it anymore, give it a purpose by letting us upcycle it into a bespoke lamp for you!

This not only gives you a fabulous unique designer lamp but it also helps the environment too by saving and re-using waste objects. 

For more information about our upcycling and conversion service

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or contact Scott on 07743 641 425 email:

We can upcycle any old household object into a bespoke feature lamp.

Send us your old unwanted items and we can turn them into beautiful feature light for you. 

If you've got an old object lying about at home and don't know what to do with it, don't throw it away. Let Stage Left Lux transform and upcycle it into a beautiful lighting feature that will enhance and add interest to your home. 

At Stage Left Lux we create wonderfully quirky upcycled lighting features out of old redundant household objects. Anything from old telephones, to broken musical instruments, telephone or teacups. 

Send your old object to us, we will work with you to design and create an upcycled bespoke feature lamp that you will treasure for years to come. 

We can transform practically any old household object into a lamp, anything from an old sewing machine to a fire extinguisher, even old musical instruments, we will design a lamp that meets your needs and suits your style. 

After agreeing the design of your new lamp we will:

  • Add additional parts as needed to turn your object into a lamp

  • Fit the required bulb holder or LED light

  • PAT test to ensure electrical safety

  • return your newly upcycled lamp to you

  • Make you smile!

Our lighting conversion upcycling service costs from just £80+postage prices can vary depending on complexity and the cost of additional parts required. Contact us to discuss your requirements and for a quotation. 

For more information about this service

Contact Scott on 07743 641 425 email:

We can also provide PAT testing for single or multiple items see or sister company site for more details

Some of the items that we can upcycle into a lamp especially for you

Upcycling your old household objects into a bespoke feature light is a great way for you to have a truly unique object to adorn your home and to keep treasured memories alive in an object that you no-longer use. 

Below are some of the of the most popular items that we can upcycle into lamps for you.

If your item is listed below, you can simply purchase the upcycling service and send us your item in the post.

We will then create a bespoke lamp for you and post it back to you!

Because these are items that we convert into lamps regularly we can offer set prices for them

If your item is not listed, don't worry it doesn't mean we can't do it, please contact to discuss your lighting ideas. 

To see our other lighting designs available to buy in our online shop, click below

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