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About Me, Stage Left Lux
and how our lighting shop started.

From old theatre lights, vintage lamps and creative bespoke feature lighting.

Scott Trelfa - Stage Left Lux at Antiques shop in Ilkeston Derbyshire

from an old vintage theatre light, to a
lighting business with a difference

Stage Left Lux has three key aims:


New ideas and concepts to design and build unique lighting features.


Give new life and a new useful purpose to old unwanted household objects by upcycling them into lamps.


By restoring vintage and antique lamps & lights to bring them back into use and extend their lifetime by rewiring them to modern electrical standards.

At Stage Left Lux, our mission is to make it easier for everyone to experience the joy of upcycling.


We are an online lighting shop with a difference, aiming to bring a unique selection of upcycled lighting and home décor items to the market whilst trying to do the right thing for the planet.


We have a wide selection of vintage and antique pieces, as well as modern and contemporary designs. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect piece for your home.

Who are we?

Hi, I'm Scott I am the owner of Stage Left Lux. I've always had a massive passion for all things electrical, and in particular lighting and specialist feature lighting.  I'm also a keen collector of antiques and object d'art. I love collecting old quirky objects and finding out about their social history. 

Back in 2020 during the Covid pandemic, I started making upcycled lamps by turning everyday household objects into feature lighting from the garden shed. This started after visiting a local antique shop and finding some old vintage lights that needed some care and attention.

I have an NVQ in electrical engineering and a PAT testing qualification, I knew exactly how to restore these old lights and bring them back to life. 

I made it my mission to visit local antiques shop, markets and anywhere else that I could find old lights that needed restoring and rewiring or any other unique household objects that I could upcycle into fun feature lamps. 

What does Stage Left Lux Mean?

The name Stage Left Lux came about because I've always loved the theatre and one of the first lights I bought and restored was an old theatre light. 'Stage Left' is a theatrical term meaning the audience's right hand side of the stage also a play on the fact I'm using Stage-Left-Overs to create my lamps. Lux is a Latin term which is used to describe the brightness of a light. 

Over the past few years I have created some amazing lighting features and helped hundreds of people to find lights that bring a unique charm to their home. 

I now provide an upcycled lighting conversion services to turn practically any household object into a lamp, as well as vintage lamp restoration services to save old lighting fixtures that might end up being thrown away. 

I also love anything that's unique so on my website you will find a collection of amazing home interior design, lighting made by me, imported designer lighting  as well as details of my lighting restoration and conversion services.

Stage Left Lux made to order bespoke upcycled lighting
Stage Left lux bespoke lighting service - turn old objects into lamps
vintage lighting restoration & rewiring

Find our more!

For more information about Stage Left Lux's click on these links to explore lighting shop, lamp restoration services or conversion & bespoke lighting services

See the pages on our website or contact Scott on 07743 641425 email:

I am an NVQ qualified electrical engineer and trained to carry out Portable Appliance Testing. I also provide PAT testing for small business and individuals in and around Derby. My Portable Appliance Testing service can cater for single or multiple items. For more details see

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