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Unique lights and Unusual Table Lamp Designs to Elevate Your Home Decor

At Stage Left Lux we specialise in creating unique one of a kind feature lighting using upcycled and reproposed materials to create a unique blend of traditional and industrial style lamps.

If you're looking for an unusual way to illuminate your home and add an element of fun to your interior decor, checkout our top picks of lamps which are available in our online lighting shop...

Log slice unusual decorative table lamp

Our Log Slice Lamps

A stylish addition to any home.

Rustic slice of timber with a swooping diagonal cross-section and structural elements of copper pipe. Illuminated from behind to provide a subtle subdued light source.

The sculptural design is perfect for displaying on your mantelpiece or a bookshelf.

Log slice unusual decorative table lamp

Upcycled Electricity Transformer Desk Lamp

A fun, functional feature light. Made from a power transformer which has been repurposed as an industrial lamp base combined with an old telephone receiver lampshade with a flexible neck allowing the light to be positioned where you need it - perfect as a reading lamp.

An antique tin helmet & ammunition tin table lamp

An unusual table lamp design, industrial and rugged style lighting feature combining an ammo tin base with an antique army turtle shell tin helmet used as a shade.

Visit our online lighting shop see our full range of unique feature lights and unusual table lamp designs.

All of our lamps are

Sustainable - made from repurposed materials. (all electrical parts are new and from reputable local sources)

Expertly made by us - all of our lamps are made by Scott, who is an NVQ qualified electrical engineer

Tested for electrical safety - all of our lamps are rigorously tested for stability and electrical safety and comply with British wiring regulations.

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