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Vintage lighting restoration & rewires Derbyshire

Stage Left Lux love bring old light fittings back to life.

Antique and vintage lighting can add a unique charm and elegance to your home new modern lighting just can not match.

We can restore and rewire almost any type of lighting, including vintage and antique ceiling light fixtures, chandeliers, wall lamps, desk lights and table lamps.

Here's a beautiful vintage chandelier that we have been restoring and rewiring. The owner of this chandelier found it at an antiques fair and fell in love with it, they wanted to use it but the wiring was old and unsafe.

We have carefully dismantled and cleaned the chandelier, rewired using modern chandelier electrical cable, added new bulbholders and restored symphetically to retain the unique charm and character of the original light fitting but at the same time making sure that it is up to modern electrical standards and safe to use.

This chandelier will now continue to provide many years of lighting and enjoyment for its owner.

If you have an old light or lamp that needs fixing, get in touch to talk to us about our lighting restoration and repair service.

Call Scott at Stage Left Lux on 07743 641425

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