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Minimising our impact on the planet by creating eco-friendly lighting.

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

We want our lighting to be as eco-friendly as possible, that's why we're doing our bit to protect the planet at the same time as producing beautiful feature lamps.

Save and prevent waste

At Stage Left Lux our main mission is to divert waste from landfill by transforming old redundant household objects into stunning lighting fixtures and upcycled lamps.

Our commitment to making the planet a happier place

Why we're committed to doing the right thing and want to make sure that everything we do is as good for the planet as it can be.

We will deliver your lamps using the following environmentally friendly ways:

  • Use paper tape on our parcels instead of plastic cello tape.

  • Use good quality used cardboard boxes to send out our parcels.

  • Remove plastic bubble wrap from our parcels and replace this with eco friendly alternatives such as newspaper, brown paper and tissue paper.

  • We will save the scrap metal, that we produce (such as the pins from old plugs and old bulb holders and offcuts of electrical cable) and reuse the scraps in future projects or recycle it if we cannot use it.

Small changes - big impact.

Stage left Lux for eco-friendly lighting.

We believe that if we all do our bit no matter how small we can have a massive impact on the well-being of our planet.

eco-friendly lighting from Stage Left Lux
eco-friendly lighting from Stage Left Lux

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