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Upcycled fire extinguisher lamp with helmet shade

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Fire officers Johnson & Dunford reporting for duty! 🔥 🚒 👚‍🚒🧯🚚

A gorgeous vintage style lamp made from a beautiful 1964 Dunford fire extinguisher lovingly repurposed into a gorgeous lamp, coupled with a fire helmet repurposed into a lamp shade.

Complete with remote controlled colour changing LED bulb to add some extra drama!

No damage has been caused to the extinguisher base.

Fire extinguisher upcycled lamp with helmet Lampshade

The helmet has the name of the fire fighter, Johnson, who would have worn it written on it in marker pen, along with the fire brigade North Banbury on the inside. We have lightly cleaned to remove some of the sot and grime, but retained the marker pen as part of the helmet's heritage.

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This lamp is available to purchase on our website.

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