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handmade and steampunk style lighting vintage lamp shop

restoration & conversion for vintage and antique lamps

We can fix and restore most types of vintage and antique lights, including table lamps, floor lights, wall light fittings and chandeliers and pendants. 

What we do

  • Carefully dismantle the lighting fixture 

  • Thoroughly clean the inside 

  • Replace any missing parts such as damaged lenses

  • Fit new, but authentic BC22 or ES27 bulb holders

  • Rewire using a suitable style cable

  • Fit an inline switch & new UK mains plug (if required)

  • PAT test to ensure your light is safe

  • Fit an LED bulbs


Prices vary depending on how complex your light is and if additional or replacement parts required. You would need to bring or send your light to us, we will convert and restore it and return it safely to you.  

Find out more about our restoration service

If you have an old light fixture and don't know what to do with it, maybe you'd love to use it but it's broken and needs some TLC. Stage Left Lux can help by restoring or converting your old lights. 

We can rewire, restore, and refurbish most types of vintage lighting, including vintage theatre lights, chandeliers, wall lights and table lamps. It's what we love doing and we've been doing it for years!

Theatre lights make an amazing addition to your home, when mounted on a wooden tripod they create an industrial but elegant atmosphere. They are great to use as decorative room lights, reading lamps or to light up your favourite piece of art. 


Theatre lights tend to have a very high powered halogen bulb sometimes 500 or even 1,000 watts. We can convert vintage theatre lights to make then suitable for use in a domestic setting by restoring them and replacing the bulb holders to enable them to take modern LED bulbs which are more efficient and create less heat making them perfect to use int he home. 

We have a passion for all things that light up, we see the wonderful in old redundant light fixtures and bring them back to life. 


We specialise mainly in rewiring and repurposing old and vintage theatre lights such as Strand Patt 123, Strand Patt 137 and Furse Theatre lights,  CCT, Pulsar and other models of theatre spotlights. But we are happy to consider rewiring most types of light fittings, including chandeliers, wall lights and table lamps. We make them work again and bring them up to modern electrical standards. 


What we don't do is strip the paint off and polish them, wherever possible we like to preserve and protect the beauty of the original paintwork, its so amazing to see an old light brough back to life in it's original condition. ​

For more information about this service

contact Scott on 07743 641 425 email:

We can also provide PAT testing for single or multiple items see or sister company site for more details

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