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Alexa & Smart LED bulbs will work with our lamps

Updated: May 17


We recently had a query from a customer asking if our lamps would work with Alexa or other smart bulbs?

Smart LED bulbs
Smart LED bulbs

The answer is YES our lamps will work with Alexa and smart LED bulbs!

All of our lamps are mains powered and come with either a bayonet cap BC22 or a screw ES27 so if your Alexa bulb has one of those fittings it would work to enable you to control your lamp via WIFI using your smartphone.

How will it work?

You would need to use the appropriate cap type Alexa bulb (BC22 or ES27) and just leave the switch on the lamp in the on position, that way your bulb would be able to respond to Alexa's voice commands.

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