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We need your support to help Stage Left Lux to grow

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Can you spare a few quid to support Stage Left Lux achieve more amazing things.

Stage Left Lux was established in 2020 with the vision to reduce landfill waste and produce eco-friendly lamps through transforming old unwanted objects into beautiful unique lamps.

Why are we different to other lighting shops?

Our Lamps are all individually handmade using upcycled and repurposed materials making them great for the planet and giving you the opportunity to own something truly unique.

Our lamps look amazing and they're good for the planet too.

With your support you can help our small business to grow and development and achieve more amazing things.

With your support we can do more! Support us and help Stage Left Lux to grow and produce more amazing feature lighting.

If you donate £5 to our cause we will thank you with a £10 voucher to spend on our website!

Please visit this link and make a donation, even just a few pounds will go a long way to help us achieve our dreams

Support Stage Left Lux to grow
Support Stage Left Lux to grow!

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