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Conversion - our upcycling service, turn your old stuff into incredible feature lighting

Updated: May 17

Conversion, Unique up-cycled and converted lighting made from old redundant household objects.

Our upcycling service can turn your old unwanted objects into beautiful feature lights.

upcycled lighting service
upcycled lighting service

At Stage Left Lux we love to take old redundant household objects and give them a new lease of life as incredible feature lamps.

Our upcycling service allows you to turn your old unwanted items into wonderful feature lamps that will enhance and bring joy to your home interior.

We love to save old objects and convert them into beautiful lighting for your home.

If you've got an old object that is sitting in a cupboard and unused, don't throw it away let us turn it into a wonderfully unique lamp for you.

Here's some of the objects we've converted and saved from landfill by upcycling them into lamps:

  • Vintage Musical instruments , soda syphons and rotary telephones transformed into wonderfully quirky desk lights.

  • Antique sewing machines upcycled into seriously amazing table lamps.

  • Old drills converted into remarkable feature lamps.

Send us your old stuff and let us transform it for you into an amazing feature lamp to enhance your interior décor style!

If you've got an old object and don't know what to do with it, let us convert and upcycle it into a beautiful lamp for you.

Take a look at our lighting conversion service to find out more.

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