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Create a Customised Ambiance with Your Own Bespoke Upcycled Feature Lamp

Looking for a unique lamp for your home?

Have you ever wanted something totally unique for your home, bored of off-the-shelf boring light fixtures? Looking for something that bit different?

If you want something totally unique lamp to add charm and character to enhance your interior decor, now you can! We can create a customised bespoke feature lamp to add a beautiful ambiance to enhance your home.

Unique bespoke feature lamps, that's what we do!

At Stage Left Lux we specialise in creating unique feature lamps from old unused or redundant household objects.

We can design and create a bespoke unique lighting fixture for you by upcycling your old objects in to feature lamps.

Whether it's a sentimental object like an old musical instrument, or an object that you just don't use any more like your old soda syphon or your old retro landline phone. We can sympathetically upcycle your old household objects into a wonderful feature lamp to add joy to your surroundings.

Cornet upcycled lamp

We were recently contacted by Julie to ask if we could turn an old cornet trumpet into a lamp. The musical instrument was precious to Julie as it belonged to her grandmother and had special memories attached to it.

Julie emailed us one evening to ask if this could be done?

''of course, I would love to help with turning your cornet into a lamp!''

How does our bespoke lamp upcycling service work?

upcycled cornet musical instrument lamp
Upcycled cornet lamp

Simply contact us to discuss your object, and then send it to us in the post. Like Julie did.

Julie lives in Exeter and posted her cornet to our workshop in Derby.

We got to work, carefully dismantling and cleaning the cornet, for this upcycled lamp we wanted to have the bulb coming out of the horn, this meant we needed to mount the musical instrument vertically.

For this we carefully made by hand a wooden base with a backboard which would support the cornet vertically.

The timber for this was cut to shape by hand and then the sides were finished and sanded to give a smooth chamfered edge.

Your choice of colour!

At this point we got in touch with Julie to ask what colour she would like the wooden lamp base to be, our preference was dark oak which we though would enhance the look of the silver coloured cornet. Julie agreed!

We used a dark oak wood stain and then treated it with wax.

The electrical parts!

upcycled cornet musical instrument lamp

We obtained a silver coloured ES27 bulb holder which was in keeping with the colour of the cornet.

We used specialist chandelier cable to run the earth, live and neutral cables through the inside of the curved pipes of the cornet.

The bulb holder was fastened in place using a no-damage technique that we have developed (this is a little trade secret of ours!) Our special no-damage technique for fitting bulb holders inside the horns of musical instruments means the additional electrical parts we add are securely fixed in place but the changes we make could be reversed.

upcycled cornet musical instrument lamp

Attaching the cornet to the wooden lamp base to finish the lamp

To fix the cornet to the lamp base we used brass fittings which are normally used to fix copper pipe to a wall.

These fixings were the perfect size to wrap around the tubes and pipework of the cornet whilst securely fixing it in place, again whilst not causing any irreversible damage.

The mains cable, switch and plug was then wired up.

We even added a finishing touch with an LED bulb that has a filament in the shape of a treble clef musical note!

upcycled cornet musical instrument lamp

The end result was a beautiful lamp that holds treasured memories and is also a unique work of art that can be admired for years to come.

What other objects can we upcycle into a lamp?

We can upcycle almost any old household object into a unique feature lamp.

Stage Left Lux have years of years' experience of turning old objects into lamps, we love being able to do our bit prevent waste from going to landfill by saving them by repurposing them into creative lighting features.

With a keen interest in preserving historic and experience dealing with vintage and antique lamps we are able to bring history alive whilst giving unwanted objects a brand-new useful purpose as a creative novelty lighting feature.

How can we help turn your old objects into lamps?

To make it easy for you we have added a selection of commonly converted objects as services that you can buy through our online shop.

The most common objects that we have upcycled into lamps are: old telephones, musical instruments, bottles and soda syphons.

But we have upcycled some other more unusual old objects such as shotguns!!

We have listed below some of the most commonly converted objects, if your object is listed simply click buy and post your object to us, we will upcycle it into a lamp and send it back to you.

If your object isn't listed, please get in touch to see how we can help.

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