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Alternative lighting shop for unique handcrafted designer lamps and bespoke feature lighting

We design and build weirdly wonderful feature lighting that will bring joy and happiness to any space.

If you’re looking for something normal and mass-produce then you’re in the wrong place.

If you are looking for a truly unique piece of bespoke designer lighting which is really a work of art to enhance your interior design, then read on.

At Stage Left Lux we design quirky feature lamps using upcycled and repurpose materials, this means every light that we create is a one-off work of art, giving you the opportunity to add something exciting to enhance the look of your home of business interior design and bring joy and happiness to your guests.

We love lighting that makes a statement, we believe that a lamp should be so much more than just a functional light, they should look amazing when they’re turned on or switched off.

Our lamps are created and handcrafted by us in our Derbyshire workshop, here are a few of our recent designs which are available to purchase in our alternative lighting shop.

Check out a few of our recent lighting creations, these are all handcrafted by us and each is a one-off design. All of these are available in our online lighting shop.

Here are a few of our favourite lighting designs which are available in our online lighting shop

The Steampunk inspired lamps are available as a non-matching pair. The blend of industrial copper combined with large steel cog bases and large size gives a rugged yet so elegant look which will make an eye-catching addition to any room.

The conical shades add a classic touch which perfectly directs the light downwards making these the perfect reading light or desk lamp.

This old-style vintage phone was one up-on-a-time the shop phone at Antiques in the Quarter collectibles shop in Derby, we have lovingly transformed it into a beautifully quirky desk lamp.

Complete with flexible gooseneck arm which allows the light to be positioned how you'd like it, perfect for reading adding light to your working desk space.

Aurora borealis floor standing bottle lamp
Aurora borealis floor standing bottle lamp

This is one of the largest lights we have ever made, standing at around one metre tall.

Constructed using a timber frame giving a rugged towered look but with a traditional softness.

The lamp features an array of coloured gin bottles arranged in a rack-like design, with the full spectrum of the rainbow.

Concealed colour changing LED lights are hidden inside the wooden frame which dance and create an awe-inspiring, dazzling lighting display, casting enchanting patterns onto its surroundings emulating the northern lights.

A beautiful, twisted blend of beautiful cranberry coloured glass jars in the shape of pineapples mounted on an industrial style copper pipe and steel frame giving a unique steampunk inspired finish.

This wonderful lamp would make a great addition to any space with its staggered double lights arranged in a staggered fashion.

The glass jars feature a cross-hatched moulded pattern which cast amazing patterns of light onto the surroundings creating wonderful, patterned shafts of light.

Our lights are anything but ordinary.

To see our full range of handcrafted inspired feature lighting visit our lighting shop page to fine a unique bespoke lamp that you will fall in love with.

Visit the lighting shop page on our website to discover your perfect lamp

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