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Why should you get your vintage light rewired and restored?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

We've worked with lots of people over the years to carry out repairs and rewires for vintage lamps and light fittings.

We are currently working with local Derby based antiques shop Antiques in the Quarter to provide a restoration and rewire service for antique and vintage lamps to make sure they are up to modern electrical standards and safe for the shop to sell

Here are 4 good reasons why you should get your vintage lights restored:

  • To comply with current building and rewiring regulations.

  • Ensure they are safe to use.

  • Good for the planet and reduces waste by bringing old items back into use.

  • Old vintage lamps are very cool and give a unique twist to your home interior.

We have repaired this old vintage cut glass crystal table lamp for Antiques in the Quarter.

This lamp did not comply with current wiring regs and would be deemed unsafe to use. We would have failed the PAT test on this lamp following just a visual inspection.

With the help of Stage Left Lux - we have been able to fully rewire and restore this lamp to bring it back tomits former gloriousness!

This light probably dated back tomthe 50s and looked like it had its original cable and bulb holder.

To the untrained eye the cable may have looked fine, but I tell you it definitely wasn't!

What were the main problems with this old lamp and how did we fix them?

  • Wired using only two core cable, meaning the bulb holder was NOT earthed! This lamp has a metal bulb holder, UK wiring regs state that this must be earthed to protect the user if a fault develops that could lead to the bulb holder becoming live and posing a dangerous electric shock hazard.

  • There was no protection to prevent damage to the cable by the entry to the threaded tube (could have sharp edges that can damage the cable)

  • The inside of the bulb holder appeared to be burned.

  • The cable was quite old and worn.

  • The plug was not up to current standards and was broken.

  • There was no cord-grip to protect the cable from being pulled out of the bulbholder.

What have we done to fix this vintage lights issues and make it safe?

  • New brass bulb holder has been fitted which confirms to BSEN61184 - The British Standard Institute* standard for UK electrical bulb holders.

  • Cord grip has been fitted to prevent the cable being pulled out of the bulb holder.

  • Added grommets to the threaded tube to protect the cable against damage.

  • Wired using modern 3 core electrical cable.

  • New in-line switch has been added.

  • New electrical plug which conforms to BS1463 - The British Standard Institute* standard for UK electrical plugs.

  • PAT tested and safety checked and made it ready to be sold to its new owner.

The changes and upgrades we have made to this old vintage light are in-keeping with its original look and feel and style of the lamp, but at the same time ensuring it is safe for use and will provide many more years of light.

*The British Standards Institute are an independent body who test the quality the quality of items that are available to buy in the UK. Items tested by the British Standards Institute are given a kite mark and a BS number which shows that they meet certain high standards of quality and they are safe for use.

Trust Stage Left Lux to restore and rewire your old lights

At Stage Left Lux we will only ever use electrical components that are tested by and meet the quality standards of the British Standards Institute ensuring that our lamps will give you many years of safe service.

If you've got an old vintage, antique lamp that needs rewiring or even a broken modern light get in touch to discuss how we can repair it for you.

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